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Effective get lover back

  • Are you having fights with your partner?
  • Do you feel he doesn’t love his child?
  • Do you want him to pay?
  • Do you have a child?
  • Did the father left you with the baby?
  • Do you want him back?

It’s very hard for a woman to support the child alone. Whatever she does she will always need a partners help. That is another way to boost the relationship between the two of you, because having a child is another way of creating a bond between the two of you and focus on the baby together but it can be very hard if the father of the baby is not interested to his child.

Witchcraft love spell

The only best way to make him stay focus to the child and support it is to cast a witchcraft love spell to him by that you are witching him and making him love his child. The witchcraft love spell will make him take good care of the child and the mother because the mother might be going through some things so as a man it’s always good to comfort her and give them support they need .

Money love spell

If your partner doesn’t have enough money for the child support cast the money spell to your relationship and your relationship will be very wealthy. By casting this love spell to him he will be able to pay for the child support. If he continues to refuses than you can take him to court that will make him realize how serious it is to pay for the child support, this will make him to do everything that will make the child happy all the things that made him to refuse will fade away and focus on the child

This will create more love between the three of you and create bond that will last forever your partner will never think of refusing to pay for the child support , he will begin to love his child and never want his child to lack something. as a mother it is very important to cast these love spell to the father of your child and make him pay for the child’s support because it is very sad to see a mother struggling and do all she can to make her child happy but the father is alive. If the father is still alive it is important to take care of the baby and the mother and that will make him a good father.

Ex refuses to pay child support

Do you have an ex boyfriend that doesn’t want to sustain his child, and you start to wonder what can I do to make pay for the child support, the only thing that can help you to overcome that is to cast a spell that will make him pay for the child support. A child needs to be supported by both parents in order for it to have a good foundation for the future.

Lost love back

The first thing that you have to do is to cast the lost love spell to your ex boyfriend in order to bring him back to you, by bringing him back into your life it’s another strategy of making him notice the child and want to support the child his child as soon as you cast the lost love spell to him you making him to stay focus in you and his child. After that he will start to realize how stupid he was by leaving you and the baby. If the father of the baby left you for another woman he will lose interest in her and start to begin a new family with you and his child.

Court case spell

If you have casted the lost love spell and your partner is back in your life but still he doesn’t want to support the child take him to court and cast the court case spell and everything will go well. Your ex will be told if he doesn’t want to pay the child support will be forced to go to jail by hearing that it will make him want to support the child and start to get scared and don’t want to go to jail by that you will be winning the case.

After casting this two spell to him he will never fade away from you and his child, he will finally realize the importance of the child support and by that he will try to get some money and start to be a good father to his child. This is the perfect love spell for you and once you cat it, it will never disappoint you or let you down. Your ex will never refuse to pay for the child support ever again if only you cast the lost love spell and court case spell.

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