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  • Is the father of your child dismissing supporting your child?
  • Have you tried almost everything to get him to pay child-support?
  • Are you frustrated by him spending his money recklessly?
  • He does not buy your child anything on pay day?

If you have answered yes to two or more of the above mentioned question then please don’t despair as immediate help is attainable with this easy love spell and it will definitely make the father of your child to issue out money for the child that he is entitled to.


There are many things in the world that causes a misfortune in relationship and one of them happens to be when you have a partner that you have a child with and this partner refuses to be supportive in the well-being of his own seed.

It makes you really question the psychological mindset of the father of the child as before the child was born he was loving ,attentive towards you, always showering with gifts and he really did not have a hard time giving you money whenever you in dire need of something important.

But now all of sudden the child is born he is no longer caring and hardly even spends money on his own flesh and blood. That is why with this easy love spell makes it relatively easier to reactivate love that has seemed to have made your partner forget about his child.


You see this easy love spell has been dated since the olden day and has thus proven to have a successful track record in assuring that the father of your child realizes that he need to be supportive in the physical well-being of his child.

The main purpose of this easy love spell is to not only make the father of the child be supportive of the child in monetary prospects, but also it will ensure that he is able to spend as much time with the child like going to school-plays or functions, taking the child out to bond with them and as well as spending more time as a family.

As the latter are more important for the child then just the dad spending money on the child.

You will be amazed at how quickly the sudden change happens .Usually it takes about four days to see optimal results and people who have previously used this spell have nothing but positive remarks about it. Some even stating they were amazed at how this spell helped their father of the child to suddenly change from being non-supportive to now being supportive.

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